Nautical Trips inside de Deseado River

Van Noort Expedition

Following the sailors footsteps

This expedition is a combination of nature with active tourism. Is a continuation of the “Isla de los Pájaros Trip”, including wildlife sighting, the visit to the Magellanic penguin colony and the sailing inside the jurassic period canyons. But the sailing continues over all the Bahía Uruguay increasing significantly Commersson´s dolphins encounters and birdwatching. Will visit another red-legged cormorant colony in Peninsula Viedma and Isla del Rey, island baptised in the name of Netherlands´s kings.

On the north side of the river, there is a wide beach of boulders, where in 1615 the dutch vessel known as the “Hoorn” of Le Maire and Schouten´s expedition, caught fire. Later on, they continued sailing south discovering the Le Maire Strait and the mythical Cape Horn. Here we land for the second time to go hiking to the top of Cerro Van Noort, name with whom it was baptised in honour of General Olivier Van Noort, who arrived inside the Deseado river in 1599 during one of his exploring voyages of the Patagonian coast. Once on the top of the hill will enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the Ría Deseado, surrounded by the awesome Patagonian steppe.

While having lunch, visitors will be able to travel through time, listening to the most incredible stories of which the river, estuary and island were witnesses.


Mapa Excursión Cerro Van Noort


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