Observación de aves, Puerto Deseado

99% of the species that are sighted in the area are birds. All species are part of virgin and untouched landscapes that magically have been kept intact through time. Every birdwatching trip is unique and of special beauty, each destiny being completely different from the one visited before. 

We will search for the intimacy of unchanged enviroments rarely visited but choosen by many migratory birds as reproduction and nidification areas, where life´s rhythm  are marked by the own nature and where many times schedules are subject to impredictable weather conditions.

Although awesome birds may be found along all the planet, the trick is to know how to find them.

Some locations attract so many birds or such a variety of interesting birds that they are known as "HOT SPOTS”. The protected areas were we develop our trips are unique hot spots for birdwatching activities in the patagonian atlantic coast. Its main characteristics, is its high biodiversity concentrated in small areas, easily traveled, potentiated by the added value of the presence of species of restricted distribution like Cayenne Tern, endemics species like red-legged cormorant or colonies that are hard to reach like the rockhopper penguins colony. On top of this, sightings are incredible stunning due to its quality and closeness.

Observación de aves, Puerto Deseado


Our main aim…

As patagonians, is to provide safe fun adventures, enjoyed and shared in the most intimate atmosphere of small groups with like minded companions!!!!

Our Guides and Tour Leaders

With more than 24 years of experience touring Patagonia, our trained guides will share all their knowledge of the natural local beauties and their passion for wildlife and outdoors activities that will guarantee you a memorable wildlife viewing trip.

Our Visitors…

Are of all ages and worldwide. Birdwatchers and birders that share their adventures´s appetite and their desire to know this región of the planet beyond the conventional established limits.

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