Nautical Trips inside de Deseado River

Isla de los Pájaros Trip

Ría Deseado, avistaje


Also known as the classic trip inside Deseado´s River, this sailing is characterized by its stunning sightings of a variety of marine life like cormorants, penguins, terns and sea lions just to mention a few of them. In the Isla de los Pájaros will visit a Magellanic penguin colony that coexist with other birds like oystercatchers, seagulls, neotropic cormorants among others. Likewise, if the tide allows it, it will be posible the sailing inside red porphyries canyons of the jurassic period, in many cases accompanied by our Commersson´s dolphins, leaping out of the water, delighting children and grown-ups as well. We will also visit the local port and the Swift site, where the English sloop of war, HMS SWIFT, shipwrecked in 1770.

Ría Deseado, avistaje


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