Puerto Deseado, Patagonia

Enjoy our nature trips along with CHANTAL & CLAUDIO…

The owners, captains and guides of “Los Vikingos”, with over two decades of experience developing ecotourism programs and a deep knowledge of the patagonian región, assure you an unforgettable experience…

Los Vikingos” is a ecotouristic company dedicated to develop responsable tourism along all the protected areas where it operates in Puerto Deseado, Argentine Patagonia. Our desire is to share and interpret the natural and cultural heritage´s meanings present in each area, with visitors from around the world. We take advantage of the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of their conservation and we make sure to share the benefits derivative of the touristic activity with Puerto Deseado´s community.

Our trips have been designed to be educative, encouraging curiosity and the enviroment exploration, but at the time to be genuine and fun, experiencing unforgettable moments with like minded people. We pay attention to the details of our service to be sure they are safe, authentic and thet they attend all our travelers needs.

We celebrate the existing differences between the marine protected areas we operate, each one with its own particularities and personal imprints that make them singular, being the moments lived in them, unique and unrepeatable. Nature is dinamic and our company is alert to changes to constantly, be able to adapt to them. This makes each trip different to the previous one and that many visitors take them more than once. 


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