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Puerto Deseado, nestled in the middle of coastal Patagonia, surrounded by an incredible steppe, covered by wide horizons, inhabited by a great variety of wild nature and surrounded by the most productive marine waters of the Argentine Sea, it is one of the ideal destinations for the practice of outdoor activities, providing memorable experiences for anyone who dares to experience them. We have been doing nature trips in Atlantic Patagonia, in an uninterrupted way  for the last twenty for years.
 Excursiones, tours


Educational tourism is one of the fastest growing trends in recent years. The main objective for these type of tailored trips, is the learning itself. Students, motivated by their teachers in advance and by our coordinators in the place, are eager to know, investigate, explore and discover the new place that is presented before their eyes.

Excursiones, tours


99% of the species that are sighted in the area are birds. All species are part of virgin and pristine landscapes, which have magically remained intact over time. Each viewing outing is of singular and particular beauty, each destination being totally different from the previous one.

Excursiones, tours

Scientific tourism is a new trend that promotes a more direct and participatory way of involving people in the knowledge of the natural world. Proposes to combine academic aspects, environmental education and tourism, in order to incorporate aspects that are not usually considered, but that through a multidisciplinary exchange, allow to broaden the scope of action of each of these individual areas and meet educational, cultural and educational needs of a group of people.

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