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Penguins Paradise 

Pingüino penacho amarillo, pingüino de Magallanes

A 25 km open sea navigation heading south, is required to reach the Penguin Island Interjurisdictional Park.

We land carefully on the island to start the tour, after listening to our guide´s friendly uses of the protected area recommendations. Under the permanent guardianship of the last century´s Penguin lighthouse, we start our hiking, avoiding skuas flush flights and Magellanic penguins on their way to the sea. In this way we reach the highest part of the island, at the foot of the Penguin lighthouse which was built at the beginning of last century but still today it is used as a guide for sailors. Near it, there is the traffic light tower and the old ruins of a XVIII century sea lions´ factory. This is a stunning place to take panoramic views of impressive beauty.

Going through several canyons offer the travelers, one of the few opportunities that exist in our country to sight in their natural environment, at an incredible distance, rockhopper penguins.

While taking breakfast surrounded by these lovely birds, our guide will share with the group the island highlights, rockhoppers penguins and wildlife´s natural history.

The expedition continues surrounding the island and reaching a permanent male Southamerican sea lion´s colony where elephants seals can usually be sighted too.

Once again at the foot of the lighthouse we´ll take lunch, surrounded by Magellanic penguins resting in the pebbles beach. Later on we depart to Puerto Deseado. During the trip, it’s possible to sight friendly Commersson´s dolphins and Peale´s dolphins as well, who like to get close to the boat while sailing at high speed. Albatross, giant petrels and cormorants can also be sighted. 

Pingüino penacho amarillo, pingüino de Magallanes


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