Excursiones, tours Educational tourism is one of the main tendencies of major growing in these last years. In this case, during our company´s students groups field trips, the main goal is the learning itself. Students are motivated by their teachers with anticipation and by our coordinators. Already in the in the place of visit, students are willing to know, explore, inquire and discover the new place placed infront of their eyes. It´s like a new book filled with available knowledge to be absorbed by multiple ways that generate memorable experiences that will be treasured with their personal details by each of the participants.

Classroom knowledge learning, is sharpened in an unformal way, encouraging the enrichment of their world´s vision, specially the one related to their relation with the enviroment, becoming in many cases in opportunities of personal growing.

We know our young´s and child´s visitors expectations and the interests and concerns of the educational institutions to which they belong. Therefore, our company, offers the possibility of tailored field trips depending on the needs of the students, taking into account their age, academic, procedural and attitudinal contents willing to achieve, days availability, student´s general interests and activities wished to carry on. We work together with a gastronomic company, making the planification of the stay in our city, much simple.

The intention is to sharpen their senses, challenging their curiosity in order for them to be able to discover other realities and capitalize the experiences, encouraging a positive attitude change towards their peers and the enviroment that surrounds them.

Excursiones, tours


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