Puerto Deseado, Patagonia  

We are a typical family business, carried out by its owners. We founded our company in 1994 with the fantasy name "The Vikings". Contrary to expectations there is no viking blood running through our veins but in those times and for many years to come, we sailed with no other assistance than the concession by nature, with a great knowledge of their signs, intrepid, restless and curious as the great vikings sailors.

This is how we began to operate with a bareley 5 meters in length small outboard engine boat, baptized "Viking". We remember those days with great happiness as we pursued a great shared dream, united by our passion for nature and outdoor activities. Over the years, and with great effort, we managed to buy a larger boat for twelve passengers, the "Viking II" and a few years later we doubled the capacity with the "Drakkar". Its name is due to its similarity with the characteristics of Viking ships, medium size, fast and easy to maneuver, ideal boat to land in the abrupts and discontinuous patagonian coasts.

Some time later we could have our office, warehouse and jetty in a mirror of enviable water of the coast of the city. Little by little we improve the service and plan to continue doing so, since our restless spirit does not stop bombing our minds with new ideas and projects.


We offer many different trips that we then simplify in the four currently offered, although we are always evaluating new alternatives and products to offer our customers. All of them are exclusive because the environment is special and each one has something different from the previous one due to the place visited, the species sighted or the activities perfomed. Thinking of giving that special Viking touch to each trip, we incorporated the ceremony of the “mate”, our special argentian tea, in our visits to the colonies of Magellan penguins in the Bird´s Island or Penguin Island. That third time, where one meets with strangers to share the meeting, experiences, anecdotes, travel data ... moments that have allowed us to meet many people and to harvest throughout these 20 years true friends of life.

Puerto Deseado, Patagonia

We practice ecotourism by conceiving it as the observation of living beings in their natural environment where the tourism activity does not degrades the environment, so it can be perpetuated to be enjoyed by future generations. That is why we include in our practices a strong educational element that allows us to sensitize and raise awareness in our visitors, motivating a positive attitude of respect for the environment that surrounds us. As part of our policy of environmental responsibility and commitment, in each of our outings, we apply and transmit to our visitors all the recommendations of sightings of birds and marine mammals as well as those of the International "Do not Leave Trace" Program to minimize the impact of our presence in the natural environments we visit. On the other hand, we offer logistical support to research, filming, photographic and journalistic teams. On an annual basis, we organize and coordinate the 10-day long Patagonian Course in our locality that deepens the knowledge about the Patagonian coastal-marine ecosystem and its implications for marine conservation. 


We take into account that our visitors are characterized mainly by wanting experiences in close contact with nature and the community. They are travelers with special interests who prefer to enjoy the environment by practicing active tourism, deepening their knowledge about the natural and historical - cultural aspects of our locality and of Patagonia´s region. Our idea is that along our trips, visitors will be able to see what on earth can not be seen, from another perspective, with another interpretation, enriching their understanding about this vast region and its inhabitants with their particular idiosyncrasy. In short, we strive to transmit the "essence of Patagonia" in everything we do and allow our visitors to experience moments that we wish to endure in their memory for the times of the times and of course ... come back for more, as they have done hundreds of people, to our surprise, pride and personal satisfaction.




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