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Puerto Deseado, PatagoniaPuerto Deseado´s untouched nature is amazing. Like very few places, visitors will have the opportunity to experience outstanding sightings that will highly exceed traveler´s most demanding and tough expectations. Like hostess, it is a previlege that we must preserve developing a low impact sustainable tourism.


Puerto Deseado, Patagonia

Our company understands for Ecotourism wildlife sightings in their natural enviroments where the sighting process garantee the enviroment´s preservation in a way that it can be enjoyed in the same conditions by future generations.

This implyes the incorporation of an educative component due to that participants will be guided in nature´s  interpretation raising awareness about the importance of it´s conservation. We apply every reccomendation and principles of the international program “Leave No Trace” (LNT) that provides guidance to enjoy our natural world in a sustainable way that avoids human-created impacts.

In this way we search for admiration and respect for all types of life, encouraging, in the best of the cases, a positive change of actittude towards nature.




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